For all their benefits cloud services have one great disadvantage: You are forced to believe in your service providers. They have all your data, they track all your moves, follow all your contacts. You are expected to focus in a third party level of fate, that no company will ever place even in a own employee.

The alternative we offer is to build self-hosted solution. We will lend you a suitable server or assist you in obtaining one, install the necessary software, assist in building the required infrastructure to host it in your own office (including remote VPN access for employees) and train your personal to use it and provide base maintenance. We will provide you a private cloud environment for fie storage, exchange and synchronization, internal communication and collaboration, contact and task management, e-mail and many other features.

With constant physical access to the used platform you are no longer forced to believe in anything. You have control and can at any moment both practically and legally verify and confirm everything that happens to your data.