We introduce a custom solution for protected private communication, suitable for groups of 2-50 persons. It is based on a server software appliance that can be either hosted by us or self-hosted by the user and a set of modified smartphones with customized LineageOS . It covers three types of communication:

  • Voice and video calls.
    (Conference calls are possible, but require one of the parties to have bandwidth and hardware capacity for all participants due to the end-to end encryption)
  • Instant messaging with group chat,  audio and video messages.
    (Based on the Jabber protocol)
  • Internal E-Mail
    (PGP Protected)

To ensure the safety of communication multiple layers of encryption are overlapped:

  • Secure VPN connection to the server
    (Using WireGuard or OpenVPN)
  • Protocol encryption based on two way certificate exchange
    (client certificates)
  • End-to-End data encryption