VPS or Dedicated server based service. May include any combination of:

  • BGP routing.

Announcing prefixes to one or more upstreams using one ore more source ASN’s. Limited announces to custom AS sets. BGP balancing and sensitive forwarding to different endpoints. Target AS sensitive routing to provide alternative content.

  • IP Tunneling

From simple GRE to IPSEC and VPN based, tunnels allow to integrate our IP Forwarding services in your own infrastructure.

  • Address translation, port forwarding and packet filtering.

Using various advanced package manipulation technologies to achieve custom unorthodox traffic forwarding solutions.

  • VPN services.

Use IPSec (Free/StrongSWAN), OpenVPN, TINC and WireGuard VPN servers to create simple forwarded endpoint for roaming and behind NAT clients, or to build complex, VPN-aware forwarding solution.

  • Proxy services.

From content filtering and anonymity to API controlled multi-ip proxy servers for bots.

  • DarkNet routing

Integration of TOR, I2P, FreeNet and ZeroNet routing in the IP Forwarding scheme.

  • Dynamic DNS, DNS hosting and Alternate TLD’s.

Dynamic DNS service. Ability to manage master and slave zones. Implemented on a OpenNIC aware name server, that can be used as resolver by tunnel and VPN customers